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How the Heck Do You Uninstall Media Player?

There may be several reasons why you wish to uninstall Media Player from your computer. It could be due to drive space restrictions, conflicts with other programs, or even simply a bad initial installation. Whatever the reason, the Windows Media Player is one of those unique programs installed on your computer that does not have a quick and simple way to run an uninstall.

Most programs can be uninstalled by either using the “Add or Remove Programs” Control Panel option or by using a built in uninstall command that comes with the program in question. This is not the case with the Media Player. However, there are two options available that will allow you to remove this program – via safe mode or by specific uninstall program.

Uninstall Media Player – Safe Mode

The first recommended way to uninstall Media Player from your computer is by first starting in safe mode. To start up your computer in Safe Mode, restart your computer, press F8 just after the computer restarts, then select “Safe Mode” and press “Enter”.

Once your computer has started up in safe mode and all processing is complete, click on the Start button. Select “Run”, type in “appwiz.cpl” in the box provided, and then click on “Ok”. At the next opened window, click on “Windows Media Player 11” and select “Remove”. You will then follow all prompts to uninstall Media Player. Once this has been completed, you can restart your computer.

Uninstall Media Player – A More Direct Approach

Occasionally, the first method of uninstalling Media Player through Safe Mode will not work properly. Fortunately, a second method is available to allow the removal of the core of the Windows Media Player.

To run the optional method, click on the Start button, select “Run”, type in “%windir%\$ntUninstallwmp11$\spuninst\spuninst.exe”, then click on “Ok”. At the next prompt, click on “Next” and then select “Finish”. These few steps will effectively uninstall Media Player from your computer.

Prevent Future Media Player Downloads

No matter which method you use, you will need to perform a few more steps to ensure the Windows Update process does not download and reinstall Windows Media Player in the future. Click on the Start button, highlight “All Programs”, then select “Windows Update”. When the Windows Update window opens, click on “Custom” and select “Software, Optional” from the “Microsoft Update Home” panel. Next, expand out the “Windows Media Player 11” selection and click on “Don’t show this update again” check box. If, for some reason, this check box is not available or is grayed out, click on the check box to clear it and try again. Finally, click on “Review and Install updates” to save your new setting.

Remove Media Player… a few last words

For whatever reason, some programs do not have a simple fast way of uninstalling. Some Microsoft products are specifically designed this way. Following either method listed above will help you to uninstall Media Player from your computer with ease.